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An image of home conversion and extension plans

Should I Convert or Extend My House?

Whether you are converting or extending your property, you should carefully consider how this change will affect the layout of your house, its associated cost and how long the project will take. In the latest Boss Construction blog post, we weigh up the pros and cons of conversions and extensions, helping you to make a […]

An image of a open paint pot on newspaper.

Garage Conversion Ideas for Your Home

Have you ever thought of converting your garage? What is currently a grey, unused part of your home, playing host to golf clubs and Christmas decorations, could soon become the most appealing and unique aspect of your property. Invest in one of the many garage conversion ideas from Boss Construction to not only improve your […]

An image of a small kitchen which has been redesigned by Boss Construction Services to maximise the space.

Small Kitchen Ideas: Ways to Enhance Your Space

The kitchen is often the heart of a home, a hub of energy and a place you will spend a lot of your time. Don’t be put off by a small kitchen area, instead, you should embrace it! There are many ways to make it work, from storage solutions to smart decor. Our small kitchen […]

Opinions About The Construction Industry

Here at Boss Construction we were recently asked for our opinions about the current state of the construction industry for an article titled ‘Construction Today – The Views of Those in the Thick of It’.

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