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Your Guide to Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are one of the most popular ways to extend the space in a home as well as add value. Here at Boss Construction, we have been creating tailored loft extensions for many years, and for our latest post, we have put together a brief guide to loft conversions and some of the things you should consider.

Planning Permission

Loft conversions fall under what is known as “permitted development’ so do not always require planning permission. That said, your loft conversion must meet certain guidelines in order to avoid the requirement of planning permission. A conversation with a builder or architect should be able to confirm whether planning permission will be necessary.

Building Regulations

Whilst your conversion may not require planning permission, in order to be complicit with Building Regulations, it must meet certain criteria. Typically, loft conversions are most concerned with parts, B, L, K and P of the Building Regulations.

Part B – Fire safety
Part L – Heat loss
Part K – Falling, collisions and impact
Part P – Electrical safety

Loft Conversion Costs

There is no set price for a loft conversion but on average, prices start from around £15,000. A basic “room in the loft” conversion will typically include:

Reinforcing the floor
Two skylights
The addition of a staircase to the loft
Electrics, lighting and heating
Fire safety measures to comply with Building Regulations

The more complex your loft conversion is, the more expensive the project will be.

Designing your Loft

You will not always need to hire a designer when having a loft conversion. If you would like a very specific design or lots of creative flexibility, however, you could factor in this cost.

In order to avoid disappointment, ask your designer, architect or building firm to illustrate exactly how much standing space you will have when the room is finished, as this isn’t always well conveyed on drawings. This way, you can envisage the finished project more clearly and plan your decor and furnishings better.

Contact the Experts

Here at Boss Construction, we have been creating tailored loft conversions for many years and understand the importance of getting this space just right. If you are considering converting your loft, we welcome you to contact our dedicated team. We’ll provide expert advice, as well as a detailed quote to help you move forward with your plans. Please call today on 0121 353 8181 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.