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Do I need Planning Permission? The New Guidelines

There are many opportunities that come with extending your home. Whilst some wish to use the extra space to add another bedroom, others want to open up their downstairs living space or create a brand new room that gives their property a unique selling point.

Since 2013, temporary rules have been put in place that allowed homeowners to create larger extensions, without the need for planning permission. However, now, these temporary rules have been made permanent in England, giving homeowners more flexibility with their extension plans.

The now permanent rules mean that terraced and semi-detached homes will be able to build extensions of up to 6 metres without planning permission and detached homes will be able to build extensions 8 metres without planning permission.

Extension Objections

With the new planning permission rules, homeowners will still have to notify their local council of what their plans. The local council will then notify any neighbours of the extension plans, giving them the oppourtunity to reject them. If residents do reject the plans, the council will decide whether or not the plans disrupt the character of the neighbourhood.

The new rules regarding planning permission and home extensions will only apply in England and not in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. People in these locations will still need to apply for planning permission if their extension is over 3 or 4 metres.

The Advantages

There are a great many advantages to the new changes to planning permission, with the most obvious being that the waiting times for extensions will be drastically reduced. Another benefit to these changes is that families can make the most of the house they currently reside in, without being forced to move due to space restrictions.

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