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Your Guide to Successful Home Renovation

Purchasing a run down building that needs a bit of love has become a popular way for many to get on the property ladder. If you’ve just purchased a home that is in need of complete renovation, then keep reading. We take a look at some things you should consider to ensure your project runs smoothly.

It is vital that you get a thorough assessment done of the building’s condition. Once you know exactly what you are dealing with, you can make your plan of action, starting with the most critical jobs.

It is important that you take steps to prevent any further decay of the building’s condition. If the building is not secure or watertight, this should be your first port of call. Other action steps may be to take out appropriate insurance on the building. The power and water supply to the home may have been shut off whilst it was unoccupied, so be sure to have this switched back on, to make the project run smoother.

Depending on the level of work that needs to be done, you may need to obtain permission. Consequently, you will need to know which areas will require planning permissions, building regulations approval or listed building consent. Next on your lists of tasks should be to ensure that the building is structurally sound.

Now you have a stable structure to work with, you can begin safely carrying out any demolition work. Be sure to have access to a skip to make clearing out the space easier. When the demolition works are extensive, you may be able to sell the salvage rights, saving yourself some work and perhaps raising a bit fo money too.

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Of course, as you progress with your renovation, you may come across issues such as damp or decide that you’d like to rearrange the layout upon another inspection of the plans. Although it is best practice to have a timeframe for the work to avoid things taking longer than necessary, you should factor in time for unexpected events or severe weather that may delay the project.

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