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Your Guide to Creating a Country Kitchen

Country kitchens have never really gone out of fashion. Whilst impressive modern spaces often come into the spotlight, the old world charm of a traditional country kitchen is hard to beat. For the latest blog post, Boss Construction discuss top tips to create your own stunning kitchen space, full of charm.

Free Standing Furniture

One of the attractions of a country kitchen is the solid, free-standing pieces that add to the relaxed vibe of the space. Instead of traditional kitchen cupboards that line the walls of the kitchen, look for solid wood pieces such as a shelving unit or dresser that allows you to use the height of the space, rather than taking up wall space. Extra touches such as panelled or clear glass doors on your unit, decorated with gingham curtains add details and interest to the room. If you have a galley kitchen with little space, consider hanging storage to run underneath solid wood shelves in the room.

Natural Details

Use natural materials when it comes to table runners, area rugs and window dressings to add warmth to the space. Delicate stripes, subtle animal motifs and gingham are all perfect patterns for the traditional kitchen space. When creating your country kitchen, try to keep in mind that although the space should be practical, it should also feel comfortable and cosy.


Many country kitchens make use of upcycled furniture and reclaimed pieces to provide a real classic look. These pieces will often come in different colours from each other, which can add to the unique style of the space. However, when creating your country kitchen, bear in mind that muted pastel shades can often work best. Mixing taupes, creams, greys, pastel greens and blues in the same tone will keep things uniform, whilst providing enough depth to complete your country kitchen style.

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