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Top Tips for Renovating in Winter

In order to ensure that your home renovation project continues to run smoothly, you‘ll need to take a proactive stance when it comes to tackling how the weather can influence the work that needs to be carried out.

Whilst you may have set out to finish your home improvement project before winter set in, sometimes challenges you face or things you unearth throughout the project may mean that things get delayed. In the latest post from Boss Construction, we discuss how you can keep your renovation project on track during winter.


As previously mentioned, your work schedule may become delayed for a wide variety of reasons, however, prevention is better than a cure. If you need to carry out jobs that may be affected by cold weather such as brickwork, try and schedule these jobs to be carried out first so you know that even if things get delayed, the weather won’t be an issue.


Building sites can be dangerous environments at any time of year if appropriate caution isn’t taken. The onset of winter and wet or icy ground can heighten the dangers of a building site and may slow work down or cause it to stop completely.

If you’re worried about low light, consider investing in weather-proof flood lighting to ensure you can safely access all areas of the site when lighting may be dim. High visibility wear, a helmet and safety boots should be worn at all times, alongside appropriate gloves where necessary.

Another thing you may want to consider is the deliveries you will have delivered to the site. If you have a lot of deliveries, try to stagger them to suit your schedule so you do not have a large number of expensive items lying around on site which could be at risk of theft.

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