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Small Kitchen Ideas: Ways to Enhance Your Space

The kitchen is often the heart of a home, a hub of energy and a place you will spend a lot of your time. Don’t be put off by a small kitchen area, instead, you should embrace it! There are many ways to make it work, from storage solutions to smart decor. Our small kitchen ideas will transform your space.

A Table for Two

This can add a classy aspect to a small space, as well as a practical use. Many people enjoy sitting in their kitchen, whether it’s for a coffee first thing in the morning, or to give a spouse some company when preparing food. When picking a small table for two, we suggest going for something old and vintage looking to reflect the classic French bistro’s that makes these space saving items so iconic.

Smart Storage

When going for storage, think vertically. Utilise the space you have from floor to ceiling and ensure they are organised practically – keep the things you use most often in easy to reach places, but put the special occasion pieces up high and out the way. Custom built storage can make use of whatever awkwardly shaped space you have, such as under the stairs.

Hanging Utensils

Utensil hangers are one of our most simple small kitchen ideas and they’re not only practical but also very stylish! Don’t be afraid to have a few things on show, hanging from wall-mounted rails above the stove or under shelving. Just be mindful that you don’t want to over clutter these areas with lots of colours – get matching utensils that look good together.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is one of our most popular small kitchen ideas, as it will give the area room to breathe. Having more free space at head height is important as you will feel less enclosed. It’s also a really effective way to style your kitchen as it’s very on trend at the moment. Similarly to the hanging utensils, be careful not to over clutter and keep your things neat.


This isn’t always common in a kitchen, but these days a mirror can replace a piece of art. Reflecting light will enhance your space and give the illusion of depth. A vintage mirror will also bring character to the room, and the frame you pick should reflect the overall style you’ve chosen.
Don’t be afraid to be bold in small spaces. For more advice on how to style your home, or to discuss renovations please call the Boss Communication’s experienced team today on 0121 353 8181 or use our online contact form.