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Small Bathroom Tips

Many of us long to have a bigger bathroom space, and opting for an extension or moving home are two ways of increasing the amount of space you have. However, there are a few simple changes that you can make to your bathroom space that don’t involve knocking down any walls. In the latest blog post by Boss Construction, we take a look at small bathroom tips and the simple ways in which you can provide the illusion of a bigger bathroom.


It goes without saying that lighter colours will always make a room feel much brighter, and, in turn, bigger than darker shades. When choosing your colours, try to opt for several tones in the same pallet, giving the eye something interesting to look at, without making the room feel smaller.

Neutral shades such as white, cream and light grey are popular in bathrooms because they look clean and fresh. Keeping a uniform appearance not only looks smart, but also avoids creating any harsh lines that may enclose the space further.


The lighting used in a space can dramatically affect the atmosphere created. If you think about it, when you’re in a dimly lit room with warm-toned lighting you’re likely to feel very different than if you were sat in a brightly lit room with stark, white lighting.

Individuals often opt for cooler toned lighting in their bathrooms, ensuring they have the best visibility when applying makeup or shaving etc. The lighting of the room won’t necessarily create the illusion of a larger space, but adding features such as a skylight in will certainly offer the feeling of extra room, by removing one of the barriers between you and the space outside. Further to this, adding such a feature will allow the light to trickle in in a different way than it would through the main window, giving you the opportunity to add light-reflecting accessories that create unique points of interest.

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