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Most Popular Home Renovations

According to research by John Lewis Finance, more than 60% of the nation has a home improvement project in mind that they haven’t yet fulfilled. So, if you’re considering updating a room or two in your home, you’re certainly not the only one with an itch to update.

Additionally, a whopping 22% – that’s one in five of us – selected the kitchen as the most popular room to renovate in a YouGov survey conducted with British homeowners.

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s easy to see why this room would be a priority when time and budget permit carrying out a renovation. What’s more, the kitchen can add great value to the price of a property, so keeping this area of the home in good condition could end up paying for itself should the time come to sell up and move on.

Renovations With Unlimited Budget

Rather interestingly, respondents to the YouGov survey were also asked what home improvement they would carry out if they had an unlimited budget, and the results were surprisingly different.

26% of people stated that with an unlimited budget they would add a swimming pool to their home and 34% chose the option for “other/none/”. Other choices were a “statement” shed, library, home gym, games room, wine cellar and tennis courts.

Considering Your Home Improvement Options

Of course, when considering making home improvements, you need to consider a wide range of things from the budget required and the likelihood of a return on investment. Many of the above home improvements that would be made if an unlimited budget was available have been shown to lose the homeowner money, so the respondents were savvy in only considering these options when money is no object.

Boss Construction: Home Renovations

Our expert team understand that making changes to your home is not always an easy decision. In fact, research has shown that some homeowners have been pondering a home renovation for up to six years.

We pride ourselves on the high standards of our work and effective communication throughout any home improvement project, from an extension to a loft or garage conversion.

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