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Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2022

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As 2022 is now well underway, a lot of homeowners use the dawn of a new year as an excuse to create fresh new spaces within their homes. With the kitchen acting as the hub of the home, this area is often where the project starts.

Boss Construction has years of experience with completing high-quality kitchen renovations. You may be wondering which style you want to model your new kitchen after, well that is where this blog will come in handy. So let’s take a look at some key ideas for different styles of kitchen renovations.


Modern Kitchens


If you are looking to renovate your kitchen to give it a more modern look, then there are a few key factors you can include to complete the look. A hugely popular modern trend is to build an island as a centrepiece for your kitchen. Islands themselves can be decorated, meaning they can serve a productive and artistic purpose. 


Adding statement decor pieces such as bold cabinet designs, tall bar stools to sit around the island, and including stainless steel appliances, are all ways in which a sleek, modern kitchen design can be achieved.

Traditional Kitchens


When creating a traditional kitchen space, it is common that the room is presented as a bright and airy space. Traditional kitchens also tend to include a range of colours, contrasting the palette between the furniture and the cabinets.


Traditional kitchen renovations often include the use of patterned wallpaper to complete the aesthetic, although it is not uncommon that marble is also incorporated throughout the space.

Rustic Kitchens


If you are wanting to create a rustic kitchen space, you should focus largely on the materials you use. Natural wood, rough-hewn stone, metals such as copper and brushed brass, are all materials frequently used to complete the perfect rustic look. 


Additionally, whether you want to present them purely for aesthetic reasons or whether you would like to use them practically, the inclusion of ceramics and pottery can go a long way in enhancing the rustic kitchen look you are searching for.

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