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Creating a Contemporary Bathroom

Your bathroom is one room in your home that you will use every day, so why make it anything less than the best? In the latest blog post by Boss Construction, we discuss how to create your perfect contemporary bathroom. The colour, lighting and appliances in your bathroom make up the top three components that can drastically change its appearance, so below we have put together our top three tips.


It’s amazing what a fresh lick of paint can do, and when you’re creating a contemporary space, neutral tones often work the best. Bathrooms are typically one of the smallest rooms in the home, meaning they can usually be painted in one day. Make sure to use waterproof paint to ensure that your paintwork stands the test of time. A neutral backdrop allows you to add a wide range of accessories in whatever colour you desire, as well as change the theme of your room easily.


Standard bathroom lights are fine, but they don’t tend to add any personality to a space. To enhance your contemporary bathroom, consider opting for stylish recess lighting. When choosing your lighting, always look out for options with a dimming switch, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere in your bathroom when relaxing.

Opt For Fitted Appliances

Using fitted appliances in your bathroom will keep it looking modern and elegant. Fitted appliances also take up much less space, ensuring your room remains spacious and light.

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