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Considerations for Your Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are a popular way to extend the space in a home and also boost the sale price of the property. At Boss Construction, we have been carrying out loft conversions for many years and in our latest post, take a look at things you should consider before setting your sights on this type of home extension.

Head Height

Typically, lofts that have 2.3 metres of head height are seen as fit convert. Of course, not all lofts have this kind of space, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the idea of a loft conversion needs to be scrapped completely. By removing sections of the roof, or even lowering the height of the ceiling below you could gain the extra height you need, however, this will be more costly and add time onto the project.

Type of Conversion

There are many types of loft conversion and understanding the type of conversion that will be suitable for your space is important.

Dormer conversions are arguably the most popular type of loft conversion as they add extra light and space to a home. To achieve this type of conversion, the roof structure is altered at the sides or rear of the house in order to add a large, flat-roofed, “box” dormer.

Hip-to-gable loft conversions re suitable for end of terrace houses or semi-detached homes.

Other types of conversions are:

Gable-to-gable loft conversions
Mansard loft conversions
Modular extension loft conversions


Before work begins, you must carefully consider the layout of your loft conversion. Things such as where you place the door and stairs in your loft conversion can make a big difference to the amount of space you have available and where furniture can be placed in the room.

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