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Bathroom Renovation: Drop in vs Freestanding Tub

Renovating your bathroom can be both challenging and exciting. There are many options when it comes to choosing the appliances you will feature in your bathroom, with two of the most popular styles of bathtubs being a drop in or free-standing bath.

To help you along the way during your bathroom renovation, we take look at the advantages and disadvances of drop in and freestanding bathtubs, to help you make your decision.

Freestanding baths have a charm all of their own and coming in a variety of styles, they can achieve a traditional or contemporary look, depending on the style you opt for.

Freestanding baths may be used against a wall in bathrooms that don’t have masses of extra space, or placed in the middle of the room, giving you access all the way around the bath, if you have the space to spare. Having access all the way around the bathtub is often an advantage of those with small children that use the bath.

Drop in baths exude contemporary elegance and look fantastic in bathrooms that don’t have a lot of free space. Drop in baths are those that have been “dropped” into a structure known as a surround. The surround may be tiled or made from wood or other materials, depending on the style of bathroom you are looking to create.

When investing in a drop-in bath, you can benefit from the choice of a wide variety of shapes to suit the space you have and a relatively low cost. However, access to plumbing can be difficult should you encounter an issue.

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